About me

Ever since my teens I have been interested in how a human being works: the mechanisms behind the human behaviour and the depth and mystery of the human mind. I tried to understand myself and the others, I sought what was needed for change and for making others change. Even though I was young I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up: work with people and provide them with help.

I knew what I wanted to do. Then I had to find the answer to the question, "How should I do it?" From the two options of studying medicine or psychology, I decided on the latter.

I graduated as a psychologist at the Faculty of Education and Psychology, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest in 2006. During my years at university I already had contact with people suffering from different psychological disturbances in the course of research we carried out at the National Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry and at the Psychotherapic and Psychiatric Clinic of Semmelweis University. Our research had two main directions:

- Prognostic factors of the outcome and gravity of depression
- Hungarian adaptation of a measuring device providing considerable help in diagnosing personality disorders

Beside all the theoretical knowledge I gained at university, I have completed various postgraduate courses such as Autogenic Training, Integrative Hypnotherapeutic Training, Psychodrama, and Doodle Analysis.

Insights in my own self-awareness and victories over my own habits and imprints were milestones in my professional career and experience. I have participated both in private and group therapy where I found answers to many of my questions concerning the human nature and my own personality. I believe, however, that self-awareness is a never ending journey. It is not something that we can check off saying "Oh I am finished with that". The first steps and the first stages are indeed difficult; we need hard work and persistence. As we get beyond the first stages, however, the bumpy path of self-awareness, full of obstacles, becomes an adventurous trip.

Another milestone in my professional career was my six-month trip around Australia and New-Zealand, where I met many people form different nations and cultures. The world, which I had lived in before, immediately widened. During this invaluable period of my life I could experience how it was being a foreigner with all its advantages and disadvantages. My plans for the next 10 years include a round-the-world trip where I can study even more cultures on all continents.

In addition to my experiences in personal psychology I also trained in organizational psychology and personal development in a working environment. During my university years I already started conducting courses in communication, conflict management, stress management, leadership skills, cooperation skills, etc., for various companies of all sizes, from small firms to big multinational organizations, in both Hungarian and English languages.

After coming home from New-Zealand I started my private consultancy at the beginning of 2007 for adults and teenagers who would like to develop, improve and change. My consultancy is open to both Hungarians and foreigners as I realize that there is no adequate mental support available for foreigners who work or live here in Hungary. Everybody can get into a situation that seems hopeless and impossible to solve at first, when discussing the problems with the family or with friends no longer helps. This is the situation where a psychologist can be of help. This help is extremely important if close friends and the family are far away. We search for the solution, the way out of the problematic life situation together in order to restore the harmony of the soul. Besides all this I strongly believe that we can turn to a psychologist not just when we have a serious problem but when we "just" want to get closer to ourselves, we want to understand ourselves better. Increased self-awareness is necessary for the health of our mind, which can protect us in times of difficulties.