About performance problems

Are you not achieving your goals in many situations even though you have all the abilities you need? Do you feel hampered, too anxious or are you nervous when you are in a performance situation (exam, oral tests in school, talking to your boss, presentations in front of many people, meeting with new people, etc.)? Do you set goals that you can achieve too easily compared to your abilities? Do you tend to concentrate on the failure rather than the positive outcome in performance situations?

Everybody faces performance problems in certain periods of his/her life. If these problems, performance disturbances last for a long time they can cause you serious problems, at school, at work or in the private life. Most people face performance problems in certain areas of their lives; in more serious cases, however, these problems affect to all areas of life.

Three main areas of performance problems:

- social situations: personal relationships with people
- situations in school or at work: performance evaluation by teachers or the boss, performing at exams
- actions in the "outside world": meeting new people

Recommended therapies: NLP, Cognitive therapy, Ego State Therapy, Imagination, Relaxation techniques, Autogenic training.