Am I depressed?

The questionnaire contains 12 sets of four questions. Please read them through carefully and choose the statement in the group that best describes your feelings over the last week. Please read all the statements in the group before choosing. Mark the number of the statement you have chosen. If you would choose more than just one statement within the group you can mark more.

0 I am not sad.
1 I feel down and sad.
2 I am sad all the time, and I cannot come out of this state.
3 I am so sad and unhappy that I can't go on.

II. 0 I am not really afraid of the future.
1 I am afraid of the future.
2 I feel that I cannot expect anything from the future.
3 I think that the future is hopeless and my situation will not get better.

0 I don't feel that I have failed.
1 I think I have had more failures than others.
2 Looking back in my life I see a series of failures.
3 I think I failed totally as a person.

0 Things satisfy me just as before.
1 I am not satisfied with things like I usually am.
2 Nothing really gives me satisfaction any more.
3 I am indifferent and unsatisfied with everything.

0 I do not really blame myself
1 I often blame myself.
2 I almost always blame myself for something.
3 I always blame myself.

0 I do not really feel guilty.
1 I may have done something which deserves punishment.
2 I think I deserve punishment.
3 I want to be punished.

0 My interest in other people has not decreased.
1 Now I am interested in people less than I was before.
2 My interest in other people has decreased significantly.
3 I have lost all my interest in others.

0. I can make decisions just as well as I did before.
1 I have been postponing my decisions recently.
2 I'm having difficulties in making decisions compared to how I made decisions before.
3 I can't make any decisions any longer.

0 I do not think that I look worse than before.
1 I am afraid that I look old and ugly.
2 I think I have changed for the worse and I am less attractive.
3 I think I am ugly.

0 I can work just as well as any other time.
1 I need additional effort to start some work.
2 I need great effort to do something.
3 I am not able to do any work.

0. I do not get tired easier than before.
1 I get tired quicker than before.
2 Everything I do makes me tired.
3 I am too tired to do anything.

0 My appetite is not worse than before.
1 My appetite is not as good as it was.
2 My appetite has been much worse recently.
3 I do not have appetite at all.

To calculate the final result please add all the numbers you have marked.
The test is good for orientation but it is not suitable for making a diagnosis.


0 - 5 pointsNormal state
6 - 11 pointsMild depression, consult a specialist
12 - 15 pointsMedium depression. Contact a specialist!
15 points or moreSevere depression. You must contact a specialist!