My sensitivity to stress (Life event scale)

Stress is an endemic of our world. Stress develops from the interplay of our personality and situational. By situational factors we do not mean just the characteristics of the given situation; significant events (so-called life events) of the last one year are also very important. Besides negative events we should count with the positive ones too. As all the events that require considerable adaptation from us can be stressful, even spending Christmas with the big family. The more big events, big changes like this have happened to us in the past one year, the more exposed we are to the harmful effects of stress.

Mark the life events below that have happened to you over the past one year by marking the numbers at the end of the sentences. If a life event happened to you earlier than one year but its effect is so strong that it still has impact on you then mark it as well.

Life eventValue %
Death of spouse100
Splitting up65
Jail sentence63
Accident or illness53
Loss of job47
Getting back together with spouse45
Illness of family member44
Sexual problems39
Adopting a new family member39
Business problems39
Change of financial state38
Death of close friend37
New work area36
Realisation of mortgage30
New position at work29
Child moving out29
Problem with mother-in-law or father-in-law29
Excellent personal performance28
Wife taking up or giving up work26
Start or end of school26
Change of circumstances of life25
Change of personal habits24
Argument with boss23
Changing schools20
Changing hobbies19
Changing church going habits19
Changing social habits18
Changing sleeping habits18
Changing eating habits15
Minor offences11

Add all the numbers you have marked

0-149:you have less chance than 10% to develop any stress related disease in the following two years
150-199:you have 40% higher chance than the average to have stress related health problems in the following two years. Relax more often and deal with stressful situations more consciously
200-299:you have 50% higher chance than the average to have stress related health problems in the following two years. You are probably going through one of the most difficult periods of your life
300 +:you have 80% higher chance than the average to have stress related diseases in the following two years. It is still not too late to change! Think your life over and manage changes consciously

The result of the test does not mean an objective judgement or a 100% certainty about the occurrence of the illness. Whether or not we become ill due to the stress we experience strongly depends on our other personal characteristics such as our self-confidence, our belief in our ability to control the situation and what coping strategies we possess.